Wednesday, 10 February 2016

14 Months Topical Steroid Withdrawal

Hey everyone, it's been a while!

Since I've last posted it's been Christmas,  New Years, and I also passed the milestone of my one year TSW (and beyond!).

Things have generally been pretty up and down over the last few months. Most of the time my skin (mainly my face) is bad but manageable, but occasionally I have good days where I look and feel relatively normal. 

I'm at the stage were I'm trying to go out and do things as much as possible, in spite of how my skin looks, and basically just trying to figure out how to live with it, instead of continuing to wait for it to get better. I've even been looking to start working again.

I'm still limited in many ways, but I have been able to enjoy doing many of the things I have missed out on over the past year, such as going out with my partner and family, and we even managed to go away for a mini-holiday for a few days along the east-coast of Tasmania which was amazing.

Anyway, I want to keep this post short and sweet. Hopefully things keep getting better for me and everyone out there who is still struggling along with me. Hope you guys are all coping ok!


  1. Stumbled upon your blog by some coincidence. I've got a gambling addiction (different from what you're battling) but I'm inspired by your posts. Glad you've got an amazing boyfriend who supports you too. Cheers and keep it up hayley

  2. Hey there Hayley , I have followed your posts on face book , wishing you a wonderful trip , and hoping your skin really heals up before you go . I understand your worries , that is one of the reasons I postponed my withdrawal until September because I have had trips booked and being bad away from home scared me. I hope you manage to make it a really memorable time for all the right reasons , you deserve a break ,! If you are interested my blog is , . Sending good wishes and healing vibes X Juli x