Tuesday, 9 August 2016

(Nearly) Twenty Months TSW

Hey all!

It's been several months now since I've given an update about my skin. This was partly because I was doing OK for a while there and I guess I was just enjoying it, and then because I have not been doing so well again and it's hard to share that fact especially since I am so far into my withdrawal.

While I was doing semi-fine around the first few months of the year I was getting out of the house heaps, spending more time with my boyfriend, and even looking for work. I had a very, very temporary job (brief as in one shift ha) working at the election, and for the past few months I have also been tutoring someone once a week in chemistry which has been a lot of fun. I even managed to go on a short holiday with my boyfriend interstate and was able to hang out with my best friend and her boyfriend (she lives so far away and I've been wanting to visit her for years but have never been well enough to so being able to do this was amazing!) 

My skin was not perfect but it was good enough for me to go out everyday without being too self-conscious.

So after these few months of regaining a bit of normality, flaring again has hit me very hard, especially because this flare has been long, unrelenting and completely horrible. 

So basically this is what I'm working with most days ...

I'm experiencing the usual symptoms- crap tonnes of oozing, red burning skin, and the crusting over and shedding of my face on almost a daily basis. The rest of my body however is still doing pretty well, with small, infrequent patches of rash that crop up rarely and last only a few days, along with a minor constant itch and minimal pain. But yeah, no worries there. 

The worst part about it is that when I was feeling better a few months back my partner and I decided I was well enough to finally go on the trip around Europe we had planned to go on before I knew I was going to have to go through withdrawal.

So that's all booked and we are leaving in just over a month and I'm honestly very scared. I decided that cancelling the trip is not an option so I'm just coming to terms with the fact that I'm probably going to be very sick and unsightly throughout the trip. So I'm hoping and praying that my skin decides to clear up even a little bit before we go and at the very least doesn't get any worse.

I'll try to share how it goes when we come back.

Fingers crossed for me! Stay strong everybody!

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