Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Three Years of Topical Steroid Withdrawal

Hello everyone long time no see!

It's been over a year now since I last posted (soooo long I know I'm sorry augh I'm the worst) but I'm ready to give a short and sweet update as to how I've been going.

My skin was still pretty rough in my last post (December of 2016) but so much has happened since then! In January of 2017 I decided I was healthy enough to start working again. I was only looking for a job that would start me out at a few hours a week just to see if I was capable of doing so. I ended up finding a job that had me going flat out for the last 12 months! I work as a food server at a cafe, as well as working in a retail shop and administration within the same company. Doing so has been massively challenging but has allowed me to test my limits and remind myself that I am smart and capable as hell. I work with a lot of people, many of whom don't even know that I have been so sick which has actually been pretty cool. Working so much has also allowed me to be able to move out with my partner once again (we spent the last few years living with his parents while I was recovering). We loved living with them but it  has been awesome to be able to get on with things and look after myself again after so many years of being reliant on those around me.

Most exciting news I have is that I will being going back to University in two weeks to complete my Masters of Teaching so I can be a science and maths teacher one day! 

Now I can imagine one of the questions those who are going through TSW would most want to know is ... have I healed? Honestly, I would have to say no . But don't panic because it doesn't really matter. What is most important to me is that I am healthy enough to be able to get on with my life and do all the things I have been wanting to do.

My skin is not perfect, I get red and itchy, and I am pretty sensitive to a lot of things.  My face still has days where it struggles with heavy flaking and redness- although the dreaded oozing has finally left me which I am so grateful for. My face is often swollen and sore and it makes me not want to leave the house or see anyone- but that is also OK.

The list of things I CAN do however, is much more exciting...

I can WORK 
I can wear MAKEUP (yay!)
I can have fun with my BUDDIES
I can LOOK after my DAMN SELF

It's been a pretty awesome year, it's been amazing slowly getting all the elements of my life back and becoming the person I want to be :)

Some highlights...

This was Summer in St Helens  January 2017 (one of my favourite places- it was a bit hot so I was hiding from the sun in my beach tent)

My beautiful buddy Katy :)

This handsome guy is my partner of (gasp) eight years now! Without Tomas I absolutely would not have made it through TSW.

Tomas and I after climbing the Stanley Nut in Tassie

Christmas day with my soul sista Elena

Hannah is my absolute best bud and has been an absolute rock for me during withdrawal. This is us at a gin festival a few weeks ago.

This is me today- three years TSW!! Feeling good!!

I don't think I can make any promises about posting regularly in the future- maybe some day there will  be a definite end point, but for now this will have to do.

Thinking of all you superheroes still in the throes of TSW- hang in there, it's worth it xx

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  1. you're a badass survivor and fighter!! im 2 years tsw free now and doing good again. woohoo